Week of 2020.05.04

Published: 2020-05-03 21:00:09 -0400 -0400

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This week in NY art + tech: weird shit to do

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Monday (2020.05.04)

TECH: Listen to a talk on “Identifying viral bots and cyborgs in social media” using AI

Tuesday (2020.05.05)

TECH: Learn about authentication handling with IBM

Wednesday (2020.05.06)

TECH: Learn Pandas (a Python data tool) with IBM

DESIGN: Watch Helvetica and chat live with the director

Thursday (2020.05.07)

ART: MoMA continues virtual views this thursday with a behind the scenes look of the Sculpture Garden

Friday (2020.05.08)


Saturday (2020.05.09)

DANCE: Join hundreds of revelers at House of Yes’s weekly live-streamed dance party

Sunday (2020.05.10)




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