Hamventures NYC: Weekend of 2020.03.06

Published: 2020-03-05 20:16:53 -0500 -0500

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This week in NY art + tech: game in a Microsoft office, play with NYC open data, and explore an art-filled mansion

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all weekend

This weekend, there are a ton of art fairs to enjoy. Here are a few running all weekend long:

Friday (2020.03.06)

ART: First fridays at the Frick collection means free admission, talks, and dancing in the museum

PHOTOGRAPHY: Learn some photography with the Columbia University Asian Creative Collective

Saturday (2020.03.07)

VIDEOGAMES: Head to Microsoft’s Times Square location for a showcase of video games from indie and AAA developers alike - free

DATA: 60+ sessions in one day around open data and their uses - $55

ART: AUDIT - a contemporary art opening in FiDi

Sunday (2020.03.08)

ART: Visit the Art on Paper art fair

ART: Music, food, and open studios at Pioneer Work’s free Second Sundays

ART: Gallery Hop between Assembly Room and A.I.R. Gallery, listening to talks of current exhibitions along the way

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