Hamventures NYC: Week of 2019.09.16

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This week: photography, videogames, and BDSM

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Monday (2019.09.16)

ART/TECH: A discussion on Museums and AI @ Cooper Hewitt - $15

TECH: Discussions on infrastructure, scaling, and engineering management at startups @ AWS Loft - free, food and drinks provided

POLITICS: Elizabeth Warren @ Washington Square Park - fo freezy

Tuesday (2019.09.17)

TECH: Tech Buffet: Artificial Intelligence, data science, and IoT with IBM Developer NYC - Various 20-minute tech talks to choose from, food and drinks provided, free

MOVIE/BDSM: Secretary drinking game and BDSM workshop with Babeland @ House of Yes - Get drunk, watch a movie, and learn about BDSM knots - $35

Wednesday (2019.09.18)

TECH/GAMES: Playtest night @ Wonderville - come play (or show your own) games by local devs. Free with $5 suggested donation, there is a bar

COMEDY: Hack City comedy show with Fumi & Mic - a periodic, free comedy show with a focus on providing a platform for minority performers. Guaranteed seating available with $10 advanced ticket, standing room is free

TECH: How to write, debug, and test smart contracts - Free, food and drinks provided

Thursday (2019.09.19)

ART/PHOTOGRAPHY: Photoville 2019 - Photoville runs all weekend with free galleries, talks, and workshops. It’s located under the Brooklyn bridge and consists of 60+ repurposed shipping containers so a good spot for your next Insta as well.

ART: Night at the galleries of the Lower East Side with ArtsClub - Private tours of several LES galleries, drinks and artist/gallerist talks provided, $35

TECH: Distributed databases: Deepdives and DIYs @ Uber - free, food and drinks provided

Friday (2019.09.20)

ART/TALK: Documenting inequality and climate change @ Photoville 2019 - A discussion on “the need for and the challenges of conveying the double threat of global inequality and climate change through photography”, free

ART: Bushwick Open Studios 2019 - A dual-event with 60+ artists presenting at Arts in Bushwick and 160+ artists opening their studios to the public - $25 for Arts in Bushwick entry, open studios likely free

DANCE/MEDITATION: Guided dance meditation with DJ Taz Rashid @ the Rubin - $25

ART/TECH: Indeterminate Forms @ CultureHub - A collection of short-form, live performances with various technologies, free

MUSIC: STS9 @ Brooklyn Mirage - $45

Saturday (2019.09.21)

YOGA/DEEPHOUSE: Deep House yoga @ Houes of Yes - Get your saturday started with some deep house flow @ HoY then follow it up with an exploration of Bushwick, $25

ART/TECH: Machine Hallucination @ Artechouse NYC - Tickets available for this AI-driven, audio/visual experience at Artechouse’s third location in the States. $24

Sunday (2019.09.22)

ART/TALK: Working together with Women Photograph @ Photoville 2019 - A discussion on “how photographers can create collaboratively, and open up a solitary discipline to new ways of photographing”, FREE

ART/TALK: Photographing political polarization in the US @ Photoville 2019 - A discussion on “the physical, digital, and psychological risks for photographers covering political rallies, protests, and events in an increasingly polarised environment leading up to the 2020 U.S. Presidential election”, free

ART/TALK: Photography and social media with Adobe @ Photoville 2019 - A workshop on photography and social media presence

EXPERIENCE/DARTY: YES Block Party @ House of Yes - Installations, performances, experiences, live art, music, dance, etc. etc. and all free

MUSIC/ORCHESTRA: Brooklyn symphony orchestra pop-up @ Brooklyn Museum - Come hear the orchestra in the Brooklyn Museum courtyard, free with museum admission

MEDITATION: Free meditation @ Public hotel

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