Hamventures NYC: Week of 2019.09.23

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This week: art, video, and Grime

Hamventures NYC

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Monday (2019.09.23)


Tuesday (2019.09.24)

ART/TECH: Transcender artist talk - Artists talk process, free

TECH: Talking K8s with DevOps and Drinks @ Clear - War stories with Kubernetes, food and drinks provided

TECH: Hack night @ Carbon Five NYC - a periodic hack night with free food and drinks and help provided by fellow patrons and Carbon Five hosts

Wednesday (2019.09.25)

TECH: Live Video meetup @ LinkedIn - Discussions on live video and the infrastructure required to make it happen, free with food and drinks provided

TECH: How to analyze Twitter using Node-RED with IBM - Analyze Twitter data with Node-RED, a flow-based programming tool, free with food and drinks provided

EXPERIENCE: Dirty Circus @ House of Yes - “A variety show dedicated to the raw and raunchy”, $20

Thursday (2019.09.26)

PHOTOGRAPHY: Rooftop portraits with Hasselblad - Come take portraits with Hasselblad studios - model, cameras, and lights provided - BYOSDCard, free

ART: On visibility and Agency - “the politics of visibility in a time of ubiquitous surveillance”, free

ART/SHOW: Art Battle Brooklyn - 3 rounds of #artbattle, artwork available via silent auction, $20

Friday (2019.09.27)

ART/ACTIVISM: Talking to Action: Art, Pedagogy, & Activism in the Americas - “Talking to Action investigates contemporary, community-based social art practices in the United States and throughout Latin America while attempting to build a direct dialogue with artists and researchers across the hemisphere to discuss shared concerns”, free

MUSIC: RL Grime, Baauer, Jackal and Kittens @ Brooklyn Mirage

FESTIVAL: Dumbo Drop 2019 - Free to see thousands of elephant balloons get dropped in front of iconic Manhattan bridge

Saturday (2019.09.28)

ART: Smack Mellon open studios - free

YOGA: Free yoga @ Public - Free yoga on the 17th floor of the Public hotel

MUSIC: Yheti ft. Mad Zach and Dalek One, $20

Sunday (2019.09.29)

ART: Closing party for Priority Mail @ Ground Floor Gallery - An exhibition of mailed-in art, free

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