Hamventures NYC: Week of 2019.11.25

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This week: dirty circus, shop the internet, and poetic computation

Hamventures NYC

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Monday (2019.11.25)


Tuesday (2019.11.26)

ART/TECH/DEMOS: Trans-scen-der November 2019 session - A monthly lecture series where 6 artists each show 10 slides in 10 minutes followed by feedback and discussions. It’s free and this is the last one of the year!

Wednesday (2019.11.27)

SHOW/EXPERIENCE: Dirty Circus @ House of Yes - “A variety show dedicated to the raw & the raunchy.“, $20+

DRINKS/MUSIC: Ace Hotel 10 year closing party with Ultra Nate - ft. $10 drinks and apps all night long

Thursday (2019.11.28)


Friday (2019.11.29)

SHOP/INTERNET: The internet Yami-ichi in NY3 - ‘The Internet Yami-­Ichi (The Internet Black Market) is a free-­to-­attend flea market where people gather and exchange “Internet-­ish” things in real life.’. They have a fun site: http://yami-ichi.biz/ny3/

PHOTOGRAPHY/EXHIBITION: Opening reception of “Mallrat to Snapchat: The end of the third place” - A photo series following the rise and possible demise of mall culture, free

MUSIC/EXPERIENCE: ELSEWORLD feat. Juan Atkins, Noncompliant, Lauren Flax 3t al. @ Elsewhere - “step into the brave new world of elsewhere’s first signature monthly party series: ELSEWORLD, a vast psychedelic nightlife experience for the entire elsewhere community, celebrating progressive visual art & design and the best in underground music.“, $15+

Saturday (2019.11.30)

MUSIC: 12th Planet @ Skully’s Music Diner - $20

MUSIC: Ganja White Night w Boogie T, Jantsen, and SubDocta @ Avant Gardner - $35

SHOP: YES holiday market @ House of Yes - Curated goods, House of Yes vibes, free-to-attend

Sunday (2019.12.01)

ART/TECH: Fall 2019 student showcase @ School for Poetic Computation (day 1) - Come check out works from students of the Fall session @ SFPC, FREE. Also showing on Monday 2019.12.02!

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