Hamventures NYC: Week of 2020.01.27

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This week: party at the Whitney, learn about CPython memory management, and slow-down with ritualistic rabbis

Hamventures NYC

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Monday (2020.01.27)

ART: Exhibition opening @ P.I Art Center

MUSIC: Listen to various collections of musicians improvise melodies @ this instance of the Bushwick Improvised Music Series, free with a $10 suggested donation

GAMES: Watch a documentary on The Platform Master or just use this as an excuse to go out to Wonderville and play their games, free (though you’re encouraged to buy a few drinks while you’re there)

Tuesday (2020.01.28)

ART: Performance studio open house at the Center for Performance Research - free

PARTY: 2020 Whitney Art Party - v expensive but I hear Whitney parties are fun

TECH: Hack on your (or someone else’s) project at Carbon Five NYC’s periodic hack night, free with food, refreshments, and peer support provided

PORN: A deep dive on sex and altered states hosted by the wonderful folks of House of Yes - $25+

ART/TECH: 6 artists give a deep dive on their art and process at Transcender’s January session

Wednesday (2020.01.29)

EXPERIENCE: Dirty Circus is back to give you “the raw & the raunchy” $20+

Thursday (2020.01.30)

TECH: Learn about CPython internals and the Densepose algorithm with The New York Python Meetup Group hosted by GrubHub, free with food and drinks provided

Friday (2020.01.31)

EXPERIENCE: Slow down with dinner, a ritual, a concert, and #dessert @ Lab/shul’s The Slow Down, $36+

ART: Tiri Kananuruk open studio at CultureHub - free - “Resident Artist Tiri Kananuruk opens the CultureHub studio to the public to come do voice exercises along with computer bots and networks artifacts”

DIGITAL: DigiAna performance show at Babycastles - “7 performers showing a range of works on the concept of digital versus analog realities” - $15

Saturday (2020.02.01)

FASHION: Fashion illustrators draw and discuss their work at Fashion Out Loud by the Society of Illustrators. $25+

PHILOSOPHY: A night of philosophy and ideas at Brooklyn public library - “AN ALL-NIGHT MARATHON of philosophical debate, performances, screenings, readings, and music.” - free

MUSIC: Listen to CharlesTheFirst, Esseks, et al. @ Webster Hall - $30

ART: Check out the Poster House for free @ their free community day

Sunday (2020.02.02)

MUSIC: Dance all afternoon to Lovefingers and Heidi Lawden at Nowadays, $15

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