Hamventures NYC: Week of 2020.02.24

Published: 2020-02-23 21:09:56 -0500 -0500

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This week: see The Art Show, learn about data @ Spotify, and see a very dirty circus

Hamventures NYC

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Monday (2020.02.24)

Tuesday (2020.02.25)

ART: Hear talks by 6 current artists and then talk with them in a v casual setting

TECH: Spotify engineers talk about data pipelines and digital signal processing

DESIGN: This instance of Design Driven NYC features Foursquare, by CHLOE, et al.

Wednesday (2020.02.26)

idk why nothing’s going on today - go to yoga or something

Thursday (2020.02.27)

ART: The Art Show kicks off art szn in NY with numerous solo exhibitions - $25

MUSIC: Thriftworks plays at Knitting Factory

TECH: Listen to lightning talks (or give your own!) at this week’s Python Meetup

Friday (2020.02.28)

TECH: A conversation on algorithms, culture, and ethics

Saturday (2020.02.29)

MUSIC: Listen to electro-acoustic sound waves at The Tiny Cupboard

EXPERIENCE: House of Yes’s Dirty Circus comes to Saturdays!

ART: The organizers of The Art Show also organized a gallery walk around midtown / upper east side feat. 40 galleries, free of charge

Sunday (2020.03.01)

idk - lay in bed like a pancake.

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